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United Wealth Finance, a non-supervised entity active in the financial industry (Resolutions 202 & 229), since 05 November 2012, became an innovator in global finance and serves the financial needs of corporations, governments and municipalities, institutional clients and high net worth individuals worldwide.

Our Expertise is Financing

United Wealth Finance is conducting transaction, directly or indirectly, with Supervised Financial Institution and Non-Supervised Entities over SWIFT.
United Wealth Finance engages in services to supervised financial institutions and/or to third parties unrelated to the non-supervised entity, which services support financial transaction processing by means of communicating and processing information and which services require the sending of messages in the non-supervised entity's own name; and is not subject, for such purposes, to supervision by a Financial Market Regulator.
United Wealth Finance is an entity which is a duly incorporated, validly existing, and duly organized legal entity, and is in good standing financially and with respect to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and is subject to regular audits in accordance with internationally recognized accounting standards by an independent audit firm.

United Wealth Finance maintain leadership positions in trade finance, equity, trading, investment banking, private investment management, asset management and private equity.
The firm is registered in New Zealand and Hong Kong and since it has been acquired by United Finance Limited, which headquarters in United Kingdom, is operating out of its office in United Kingdom thru a network of branches in all the important financial markets.
United Wealth Finance takes a ‘One Firm’ approach to business, working together across our business groups and actively bringing all of the Firm’s resources to bear for our clients. Consistently reaching for the top finance and investment houses, the Firm’s network and access to local and international markets enable it to quickly and effectively solve its clients’ diverse financial needs.
United Finance Limited acquired United Wealth Finance in 2018 in order to strengthen the position in ASIA and Oceania, which aim to become the major player in the financial markets.

Our Group of Companies

We are offering specialised services including but not limited to facilitating and or consulting in trade finance, international project financing and swift financial messaging to a global network of clients spanning across the world. Our group of companies is able to quickly understand its client's needs and use its long standing reputation, credibility, and financial strength to facilitate and consult to underwrite or broker solutions for its clients from organizations globally. Put simply it is able to deliver for the client.